Thank you for visiting the Hill of Fun


1. Choose the type of the ticket and the date of your visit

When buying a ticket "as a gift" it is not necessary to select a specific date. After picking up the ticket at the PICK UP Box, the ticket is activated by the first pass through the turnstile at any time during the season.

2. Fill in the data

3. Pay

4. You will receive a QR code by e-mail

5. Attach the QR code to the reader in the self-service machine at the cash desk at the Center
If you recharge your own chip card during the online purchase, you will not receive the QR code and the ski pass will be activated the first time you go through the turnstile.
By purchasing a SKIALP ONLINE ticket, it is not necessary to pick it up. Download the QR code to your mobile device and read it directly at the turnstile.

6. With the chip card, go directly to the turnstile

7. Enjoy a great day on the tracks


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